MARDEZ BIOGRAPHY  Mardez is an original funk, soul, and rock n roll band formed in Austin, TX by guitarist, singer, and songwriter Mario Hernandez (Mardez). Mario was born in Clovis, California. Three days after high school graduation he moved to Dallas, Texas. He lived across the street from a popular blues bar called The Goat. For two years, Mario spent 2 to 3 days a week there honing his chops playing with world renowned musicians. Mario then moved to Austin, Texas to play music professionally and attend the University of Texas at Austin. Upon forming his original group, Mario played in the backing band for Austin based soul singer JJ Jones and the Howling Coyotes as a guitarist. After a few months of consistent live shows at various venues with her, he began gaining positive reactions to original songs of his that JJ would ask him to play. He then formed a trio group and decided to begin playing shows as an original band mostly in the entertainment district of Austin. The trio kept their soulful roots learned from JJ Jones and various Texas blues musicians such as Gary Clark Jr., Preston Wood, Tutu Jones, Perry Jones, Mark Newman, and Jamie Van Beek who Mardez has accompanied playing and jamming with. Mardez includes some traditional blues covers in his set to pay respect to the musicians he learned from. Although Mardez original songs are heavily influenced by funk, rock n roll, and Latin rhythms that create a unique blend of percussive dance beats, energetic bass lines, soulful vocals, and powerful guitar solos. Since the band’s inception they have played 300 plus shows in the Southern, Western, and Eastern parts of the US along with multiple residencies in Austin's Entertainment District. Mardez recorded a debut EP album of songs that gained popular responses from the many live performances the he has played. One of the EP's tracks, "Born in a Bar" is inspired by the idea of Mardez's young age when he started to perform in Texas bars after leaving his hometown in California. The song also won a selection for airplay on national rock radio station Rock Rage Radio. Mardez is currently being played weekly on this station as well as recieving radio promotions. He has been a featured artist on the local Austin news channel Fox 7 and performed live with his band. He’s also received radio airplay for “Born in a Bar” on 94.1 Wemberley, TX, 89.5 Sweet Sunday Sounds in Australia, and showcased on an emerging artist playlist on Spotify. Mardez’s newest single “Live On A Cloud” was released on July 5th, 2019. The song has since been review and featured on music blogs such as Talk About Pop Music & ParaPOP. And been added to Spotify playlists Fresh Pop, Indie Good Vibes, Los Angeles Local, The Scanner, and Existing and Occuring Talent, Greek Week, and dozens more. The song also gains airplay regularly on Rock Rage Radio, Phoenix Radio, Sweet Sunday Sounds, and Banks Radio in Australia. In October 2019, Mardez won selection using “Live on a Cloud” to record live Direct-to-Vinyl at Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Mardez believes that playing live is the essence of his artistic expression and currently performs in his new home Los Angeles, California. In 2020, he opened for respected artists such as  reggae pioneers The Wailers, UK pop legends ABC, Oingo Boingo Former Members, Peter Beckett of Player, The Pat Benatar Experience, Metalachi, and Smooth Sounds of Santana. Mardez has also graced stages for top promoters including Breaking Sound and Surge Events. Mardez has released his debut full length album titled Been There Before on May 14th, 2021 with rave reviews from top music blogs and playlist curators. The album features essential Mardez songs including Move Slowly, Make It Right, and title track Been There Before. A song described by the artist as, "Being in good or bad situations and knowing how to react because you’ve been there before," An esthetic and attitude that fuels Mardez's songwriting as he sings about experiences of triumphs and struggles. Mardez strives for a true and live Rock N Roll lifestyle so that that spirit reflects through his music and in every show he plays.